Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Welling on Wall St. interview with Mark and Jonathan Boyar [H/T @chriswmayer] (LINK)

Two Important Investment Principles - By John Huber (LINK)
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Big Names Take Hit on Theranos (LINK)
High-profile private investors gave startup much of its funding but could see their stakes wiped out
Bill Walton, Old Einhorn Enemy, Makes a Comeback With Trump Role [H/T @jasonzweigwsj] (LINK)
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Sebastian Mallaby on Charlie Rose discussing his latest book, The Man Who Knew: The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan (video) (LINK)

The Man Behind Shake Shack Explains Why You Love It So Much (podcast) [H/T @iddings_sean] (LINK)

How Otto Defied Nevada and Scored a $680 Million Payout from Uber (LINK)

Tools of Titans: Josh Waitzkin Distilled - by Tim Ferriss (podcast) (LINK)
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Video: How We Get Hooked, & How to Unlearn Our Patterns - By Leo Babauta (webinar) (LINK)

Seneca was a man, not a Sage - by Massimo Pigliucci (LINK)
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