Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Anatomy of a Hostile Takeover (video) [H/T Tamas and Undervalued Japan] (LINK)

A short Howard Marks video from a couple of weeks ago (Originally aired on October 19, 2016) (LINK)

Amazon is bringing Prime to China, where it has struggled for market share (LINK)

Asset Bubbles From Stocks to Bonds to Iron Ore Threaten China (LINK)

Inside the Affordable Care Act’s Arizona Meltdown [H/T @rationalwalk] (LINK)

Big Ideas in Social Science: An Interview With Robert J. Shiller on Behavioral Economics [H/T @HurriCap] (LINK)

How I Built This podcast - Samuel Adams: Jim Koch (audio) [H/T @mikedariano] (LINK)
Related book: Quench Your Own Thirst 
Related video: Jim Koch: "Quench Your Own Thirst" | Talks at Google
Lessons in How to Create and How to Succeed (audio) (LINK)