Friday, July 22, 2016


Warren Buffett Deputy Ted Weschler Makes His Mark (LINK)

Horizon Kinetics Q2 Conference Call (video/audio) (LINK) [The Q2 Commentary is also HERE.]

The Strategy Tax - by Ben Carlson (LINK)

Grant's Interest Rate Observer from 1987: Sell Donald Trump (LINK)
“Boy, you got me good,” Donald Trump told the editor of Grant’s. 
As The Wall Street Journal reports today, The Donald reacted with uncommon charity to a prescient Grant’s article in 1987 headed “Sell Donald Trump.”
The Global Economy’s Hesitation Blues - by Robert Shiller (LINK)

A Guide to Marketplaces (LINK)
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Exponent podcast: Episode 086 — Falling a Pokémon Off a Cliff (LINK)

The turquoise killfish only lives for 3 months, but could help unlock the secrets of ageing (LINK)