Thursday, July 14, 2016


Sanjay Bakshi on Checklists (LINK)

Investors Now Pay Germany to Borrow for 10 Years (LINK)
Germany sold 10-year debt at a negative yield on Wednesday, becoming the first eurozone nation to do so and setting a further milestone in the relentless fall of government bond yields around the world. 
...In the U.S., a $12 billion sale of 30-year Treasury bonds attracted stellar demand Wednesday despite a record-low yield of 2.172%, which smashed the previous low of 2.43% set in January 2015. Indirect bidding, a proxy of foreign demand, surged to 68.5% of total bids at the sale.
John Hempton: The Fraud-Hunting Short Seller Taunting Bill Ackman On Valeant [H/T Abnormal Returns] (LINK)

Matt Ridley: Twitter and Facebook are tearing us apart (LINK)

Episode 05 of Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast (LINK)
This week we talk about a topic near and dear to our stomachs—cafeteria food. You might not look fondly on the food at your college cafeteria, but in recent years some schools have made an investment in high-quality food. 
While it may seem like a good thing, it represents a moral dilemma that many colleges have to face: should they focus on good food and amenities or good financial aid?