Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Why Do Most Acquisitions by Microcaps Destroy Shareholder Value? - by Ian Cassel (LINK)

[I don't have any position in Subsea 7 at the current time, but I like it when companies put out videos like this that help one to understand the business a little better.] .... Projects – Premier Oil Catcher Area Development – North Sea (LINK)

BoE injects £3.1bn of liquidity into banks after Brexit (LINK)
The Bank of England has pumped £3.1bn into the country’s banking system following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. 
The liquidity injection is the last of the central bank’s three scheduled special auctions announced before the UK referendum and designed to quell any panic about the state of the country’s lenders. 
It is the first operation that has taken place since the UK voted to leave the EU on June 23. The BoE allotted £3.072bn to lenders, having received bids amounting to £6.3bn. Most of the collateral offered was the lowest ‘Level C ‘ grade assets, according to the Bank’s data.
Raoul Pal and Grant William discuss Brexit (video) (LINK)

The Brexit Possibility - by Ben Thompson (LINK)

How do you make the Olympics pay? Fudge the figures (LINK)

Stealthy Black Hole Spotted by Accident (LINK)

This book was hard to find for a while, but now it appears there are quite a few cheap used copies available for those that missed it before: Sense and Nonsense in Corporate Finance

This was released yesterday, and after a quick flip through my copy, it looks like it'll be an interesting book for those that like to dig into the details of accounting: The End of Accounting and the Path Forward for Investors and Managers