Sunday, June 26, 2016


If you haven't listened to it yet, Malcolm Gladwell gave some interesting thoughts on what he thinks a college education and experience should entail in his chat with Tim Ferriss, starting at the 57:27 mark in the audio HERE. He also recommended a couple of books; one that appears to be out of print, Merchant Princes, and another, Strangers to Ourselves, that has also been recommended by Nassim Taleb and Danny Kahneman.

After Fleeing the Nazis, a Legacy That Won’t Run Dry [H/T @jasonzweigwsj] (LINK)
The frugal couple bumped into young Warren Buffett. Now they’ve left millions to Israeli water research.
Warren Buffett - Opinion on Brexit and EU [from early May] [H/T @HurriCap] (video) (LINK)

Steve Keen on the Macro Voices podcast (LINK) [The podcast also seems to have some of the older Real Vision TV interviews, such as Kyle Bass interviewing John Burbank, as one example. More available HERE.]

BIS 86th Annual Report (LINK)
There is an urgent need to rebalance policy in order to shift to a more robust and sustainable global expansion and address accumulated vulnerabilities, the BIS writes in its main economic review of the year. It calls for prudential, fiscal and structural policies to play a greater role.
Puerto Rico Governor suspends payments on infrastructure debt [H/T @BarbarianCap] (LINK)

Craft Brewers Go High-Tech [H/T Abnormal Returns] (LINK)

Interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger [H/T @Kevin_Holloway] (LINK)

Interview with outgoing Illumina CEO Jay Flatley [H/T @EricTopol] (LINK)

A Portrait of the Overperforming Salesperson [H/T @RobertCialdini] (LINK)

What Old Monkeys and Old Humans Have in Common [H/T @TheLeakeyFndtn] (LINK)