Friday, May 22, 2015


How Do You Utilize 2nd Level Thinking? (LINK)
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Are declining businesses good shorts? (LINK)

Carson Block At Baruch Talks Short-Selling In China (video) (LINK)

Ian Bremmer: Geopolitics Is Unstable and Dangerous Now (LINK)
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Rob Arnott: Does Unreal GDP Drive Our Policy Choices? (April 2011) (LINK)

Mark Buchanan summarizes Nassim Taleb's latest paper  (LINK)
Violent warfare is on the wane, right? Many optimists think so. But a close look at the statistics suggests that the idea just doesn’t add up
An explosion in artificial intelligence has sent us hurtling towards a post-human future, warns Martin Rees (LINK)

Global ocean trawl reveals plethora of new lifeforms (LINK)
But most interesting — in Gilbert’s view — was how the team used the genetic data to predict interactions between individual organisms. In one example, they predicted that a flatworm belonging to the genus Symsagittifera would have a symbiotic interaction with a photosynthetic microalga of the genus Tetraselmis. To check, the team identified specimens of the worm and studied them under a microscope. Sure enough, they saw algal cells inside the worms and matched the DNA label of these algae to the ones predicted to be symbionts. “It was a beautiful study that shows you what network analysis, or ‘interactive-omics’, can actually achieve,” Gilbert says.
'Stable' region of Antarctica is melting (LINK)
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