Thursday, May 14, 2015


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Julian Robertson has gotten extremely Bearish three times since I have known him, once in 1999 leading up to the Tech Bubble in 2000, a second time in 2007 leading up to the sub-prime melt-down and Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and late last year (and becoming increasingly more concerned this year). In each instance, he started off mildly concerned about imbalances that were building and then he became increasingly vocal in his public appearances, as the situation grew increasingly dire. On each occasion he made significant adjustments to his portfolios that ultimately preserved capital and generated superior returns over the course of the entire event and we would all be wiser, and wealthier, had we followed his lead when the Big Tiger turned into a Bear. The challenging part of the story is that on each occasion he was early in his calls for caution and the funds experienced less favorable performance either in the form of actual losses or perceived opportunity costs (the dreaded Fear Of Missing Out) during the lead up to the actual event. The problem with the big crisis events is that you can be hours early, but you can’t be one minute late on getting out of the way as the corrections happen too quickly and come at the precise time when everyone has convinced themselves that nothing bad could possibly happen.
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