Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Sanjay Bakshi: 62 Bagger And Counting (LINK)

Would Keynes Have Been Fired as a Money Manager Today? (LINK)
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Robert Shiller Says It’s Time to Buy Greek Stocks (LINK) [One possible ETF to consider not just for Greek stocks, but also for other low-priced markets is GVAL.]

More on Greece from Buttonwood: Take the money and run (LINK)
IF the broader markets still remain fairly sanguine about the election of Syriza, that is certainly not true of investors in Greece itself. The yield on three-year bonds is now up to nearly 17% and Greek bank shares are down 20% today, with the broader stockmarket off 8%. 
Neither sell-off is an immediate problem. Greece wouldn't want to borrow from the markets at current rates (or even the rates that prevailed last week) and share prices rise and fall. But both developments are a symptom of wider worries. If there is any chance of Greece leaving the euro, a process that would probably involve capital controls and the forcible conversion of euro deposits into devalued drachma (akin to Argentina's corralito), then why would you leave your money in a Greek bank? Even if that doesn't happen, wealthy Greeks might be tempted to move their money overseas to escape higher taxes.
John Kay: Why worry about deflation? (LINK)

Andrew Smithers: Understanding market momentum (LINK)

Unilever sells 7-year, €750m bond at 0.5% yield (LINK)

How Berkshire Hathaway Can Survive Beyond Warren Buffett [H/T @trengriffin] (LINK)
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Jeff Gundlach reveals his biggest mistake — and how you can avoid it [H/T @trengriffin] (LINK)

Review of the book Merchants of Grain: The Power and Profits of the Five Giant Companies at the Center of the World's Food Supply (LINK)

The Apple Watch will be released in April. Here's the Jony Ive narrated promotion video describing it in more detail... (LINK)

Apple also had a pretty remarkable quarter (LINK)

Bringing value investing to football: The Dueling Legacies of Bill Belichick [H/T Matt) (LINK)

Tony Robbins Reveals His Secret to Andrew Ross Sorkin (LINK) ["The most powerful incentive I know is autonomy and growth. The sense that I become more, that I can give more, and create more. I always say to people, if you want to know where happiness comes from, I can give it to you in one word: progress. Progress equals happiness. We're not supposed to sit at the table of success and just feel good about ourselves forever. What makes us feel alive is growing, and when we grow we have something to give."]
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