Monday, November 10, 2014


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For those looking for places to make some year-end donations, I wanted to introduce you to the recently launched Gerald Boyles Student Investment Fund. As many of you are aware, Dr. Boyles is the one that introduced me as well as my partner Matt to value investing. That introduction as well as the life lessons he has taught us led us to name our firm after him. He also had a big impact on the man brave enough to hire Matt and me right out of school, Mike Pruitt, and was big influence on Mike hiring us and starting Chanticleer Holdings, which Mike discusses a bit in THIS interview.

Our friend Mark recently sent out an email to former students describing what's going on, much of which is pasted below. If this is something you have any interest in, please contact Mark at his contact information below. 
Dr. Boyles had a profound impact on so many of us who majored in finance and/or had him as an adviser.  He was passionate and dedicated his time, energy and work at CCU to helping his students succeed.  Dr. Boyles was an excellent professor and encouraged us both in- and outside of the classroom. He also helped us find that first job, find our calling, find our own passion in the world of finance.  If you look back, I am sure it's easy to see the meaningful and eternal impact he had on your life and career. 
The Dr. Gerry Boyles Student Management Investment Fund is a tribute to all that he has done and will keep his "pay it forward" and long-term investment passion moving ahead at CCU for decades to come.  This link,, provides more information about him and the fund.  Nearly half of the $100,000 goal has already been raised. 
For those who give $1,000 or more, your name will be recognized on a plaque inside the investment lab as well as on the fund website; gifts of $2,500 or more will receive additional recognition in the entrance to the Wall College of Business foyer. 
Thank you for your time and consideration to give back to the man who means so much to all of us. 
For more information or to make a donation, please feel free to contact me. 
Mark Kiskunas '96
Senior Director for Philanthropy 
Coastal Carolina University
Office: (843) 349-2010