Friday, August 29, 2014

Links (and a few quotes)

Tim Melvin interviews Toby Carlisle (LINK)
Related book: Deep Value
Morningstar talks with Francis Chou [H/T ValueWalk] (LINK)

A Q&A with Paul McCulley (LINK)

Burton Malkiel: Are Stock Prices Headed for a Fall? (LINK)
A related book is maybe not the one Mr. EMH is best know for, but rather one that was published in 1980 that I remember reading a couple of years ago, Inflation-beater's Investment Guide: Winning Strategies for the 1980's

"In a sense, there is a cycle of investment results attendant on any investment philosophy or market niche due to the relative popularity or lack of popularity of that approach at a particular time." -Seth Klarman

"A hungry people neither listens to reason, nor is appeased by justice, nor is bent by any entreaty." -Seneca

"Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your life. Now take what's left and live it properly." -Marcus Aurelius