Friday, November 25, 2011

Book Survey

My friend Barry is doing a book survey. Here are Barry’s words on how it works:

In the last couple of years I have compiled a yearly list of book recommendations from a group of colleagues, family and friends. This year I have expanded the list of participants and have also automated the process by using a webpage to collect, sort and present the book recommendations.

To participate in the survey and or register to receive notification when it has been compiled, just click on the link below and you will be taken to the book survey webpage. I have designed the survey to make it both quick and easy to use. If you want to be emailed when the results of this survey are compiled and be notified of future surveys, then you must register (1st or 3rd radio button) on the book survey website. Future mailing lists and notifications will only be generated from those who have registered on the website.

At the bottom of the book survey webpage is the survey. Please fill in the book’s title, author’s first and last name and the books genre (dropdown menu) in order of importance, #1 being your highest book recommendation and #5 being the lowest.

Link to: Barry’s Book Survey