Friday, January 10, 2020


"When Charlie and I ran funds, we didn’t worry about whether something was up or down. We worried about what it was worth compared to what it was selling for. And we tried to have most of our money in a relatively few — very few — positions which we thought we knew very well. We do the same thing now. We’d do the same thing a hundred years from now....... We would own the half a dozen or so stocks we like best — and it wouldn’t have anything to do with what our cost on them was. It would only have to do with our evaluation of their price versus value." --Warren Buffett (2009)

Apple and Microsoft Are Dazzling Investors. That Won’t Last. - by Jason Zweig ($) (LINK)
The shiniest stocks are driving the bull market higher. But rusty old bargains will eventually have their day.
The Only Constant Is Change… - by Harris Kupperman (LINK)

Prognosis Podcast: How U.S. Health Care Broke The Bank (LINK)

20 Books to Help You Live Better in 2020 - by Ryan Holiday (LINK)