Thursday, October 31, 2019


The Latticework Podcast, presented by MOI Global: William Green with Arnold Van Den Berg at Latticework New York 2019 (LINK)

Rob Arnott Video: Past Is Not Prologue (LINK)
Chasing returns can be very costly. High valuations can go higher, but not indefinitely. At Research Affiliates’ recent Investment Symposium in London, Rob Arnott explains how the link between starting valuations and subsequent returns is powerful, and examines which investments look attractive today.
The Spectrum of Wealth - by Morgan Housel (LINK)

Value investor Joel Greenblatt says this company could solve a key hurdle in esports’ growth [H/T Linc] (LINK)

Barry Diller on CNBC (LINK)

Apollo Asia Fund: the manager's report for 3Q19 (LINK)

Remember QR Codes? They’re More Powerful Than You Think (LINK)

Venture Stories Podcast: Jerry Yang on China, Yahoo!, and Early-Stage Investing (LINK)

What is Chasing You? - by Ian Cassel (LINK)