Monday, April 29, 2019


The Lies We Tell (LINK)

Greenhaven Road Capital's Q1 Letter (LINK)

Horizon Kinetics Q1 Commentary (LINK)

How Schwab Ate Wall Street ($) (LINK)

Do Ride-Sharing Customers Sit in Front? - by Howard Schilit (LINK)

Near-record inventories pinch dealers [H/T @DRuizG80] (LINK)

The Acquirers Podcast: Marvel’s Hidden Assets: Joseph Calandro Jr. chats to Tobias Carlisle on the Acquirers Podcast (LINK)
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The Peter Attia Drive (podcast): Robert Sapolsky, Ph.D.: The pervasive effect of stress - is it killing you? (LINK)
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MIT Self-Driving Cars: State of the Art (video) [H/T Linc] (LINK)

On Monks and Email - by Cal Newport (LINK)

The Uncomfortable Truth - by Mark Manson (LINK)
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The near misses of scientific history - by Matt Ridley (LINK)
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Mysterious Rings Around Reefs Have No Simple Explanation - Ed Yong (LINK)