Tuesday, May 29, 2018


"A lot of things end up in the 'too hard' pile, and it doesn’t bother us.... We don’t have to be able to do everything well." --Warren Buffett

Howard Marks warns private equity standards slipping (LINK)
Private equity groups are lowering their standards over investment choices, raising money too easily and paying record prices in a shift that will lead to lower returns than the historical average for investors, according to Howard Marks, founder of Oaktree. 
Mr Marks, a billionaire investor, said private equity groups were being pushed into accepting poor terms on deals. He told the Financial Times that money managers have a “big impetus to get invested” even if it means backing bad ideas.
Why It Is Harder to Diagnose Hospital Stocks (LINK)
New accounting rules make assessing financial health more difficult for hospitals and companies that work with them
The analyst who quit his job to be a teacher and a 'Safal Niveshak' (LINK)

Invest Like the Best Podcast: The Darkest Night: Lessons from Battle and Value Investing, with Mike Zapata (LINK)

Steven Pinker chats with Jordan Peterson about his book Enlightenment Now (podcast) (LINK)

22 Rules for Creating Work That Stands the Test of Time - by Ryan Holiday (LINK)

"There are situations you will see over a long period of time...[where] it would be a mistake—if you’re working with smaller sums—it would be a mistake not to have half your net worth in.... Sometimes in securities, [you] see things that are lead-pipe cinches. And you’re not going to see them often and they’re not going to be talking about them on television or anything of the sort, but there will be some extraordinary things [that] happen in a lifetime where you can put 75 percent of your net worth or something like that in a given situation."  --Warren Buffett (2008)