Monday, May 1, 2017


Some Thoughts on Visual Thinking - by Sanjay Bakshi (LINK)

Mental Model: Occam’s Razor (LINK)

Big-Name Food Brands Lose Battle of the Grocery Aisle (LINK)
America’s packaged-food giants are losing the battle for retailers’ shelf space, complicating their efforts to break out of a yearslong slump. 
Instead of promoting canned soup, cereal and cookies from companies like Kraft Heinz Co., Kellogg Co. and Mondelez International Inc., grocery stores are choosing to give better play to fresh food, prepared hot meals, and items from local upstarts more in favor with increasingly health-conscious consumers. 
“We’ve got to maximize return on our shelf space,” said Don Fitzgerald, vice president of merchandising at Mariano’s, a Chicago grocery chain bought by Kroger Co. in 2015. Shoppers, he said, are drawn to steamy pasta at the store’s deli counter, rather than a box of dried macaroni with powdered cheese sitting on the shelf for weeks.
Student who worked in Chinese iPhone factory explains why manufacturing jobs aren't coming back to the U.S. (video) (LINK)

a16z Podcast: The Rise of the Digital ‘Pill’ (LINK)

How I Built This podcast -- Lady Gaga & Atom Factory: Troy Carter (LINK)
As a kid, Troy Carter dreamed of being a rapper, but soon discovered he was a better manager than a musician. He took Lady Gaga from obscurity to stardom – helping shape both her music and her brand. Then he turned his gift for spotting talent to spotting investment opportunities with his company Atom Factory.
Elon Musk at the TED Conference: The future we're building — and boring (video) (LINK)
Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED's Head Curator, Chris Anderson.