Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The videos of Charlie Munger after the Daily Journal Annual Meeting was over [H/T @itzarjun] (LINK)

Nassim Taleb at the 2017 ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival: Of Black Swans and Intellectual Fallacies (video) (LINK)

A Conversation with Elon Musk at the 2017 World Government Summit (video) [H/T Exploring Markets] (LINK)

A collection of links to Q4 2016 investor letters and reports (LINK)

Michael Mauboussin on the Odd Lots podcast (LINK)

Alex Moazed on the Invest Like the Best podcast (LINK) ["Software alone is a commodity. The value is in the ecosystem."]
Related book: Modern Monopolies: What It Takes to Dominate the 21st Century Economy
Ben Thompson explains the great unbundling | Code Media 2017 (video) (LINK)

Manifestos and Monopolies - by Ben Thompson (LINK)

A16z -- How ‘Going Direct’ Changes Everything: for Brands, Retail, Marketing, and Advertising (video) (LINK)

As Obesity Rises, Remote Pacific Islands Plan to Abandon Junk Food (LINK)

‘Meditating mice’ reveal secrets of mindfulness training (LINK)