Tuesday, October 18, 2016

While mistakes teach, they should never tether...

From Driven to Succeed: How Frank Hasenfratz Grew Linamar from Guelph to Global:
While mistakes teach, they should never tether. “Entrepreneurs like me are all oddballs. We see things, we want to do things, and sometimes it’s hard to get us off that. The big danger is you get an idea and you think ‘I’m going to get into that.’ We get carried away and we think we’re good at everything and that isn’t the case,” said Frank. “It always brings you back — stick to what you know. It’s good to learn from your mistakes but it’s better to learn from your competitors’ mistakes. That doesn’t cost you anything. I made many mistakes but I can forget about them. They’re not in my mind. Don’t try to manage from yesterday. Don’t look back all the time, remember what happened back there, but look forward. If you look back all the time, you’re going to trip going forward.”