Thursday, September 29, 2016


Howard Marks: Keep Calm and Invest On (video) (LINK)
Famed investor Howard Marks shares his insights on the value of remaining calm in troubled times at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit in New York. 
Bill Miller Plans a Return to His Roots (LINK)

Bill Miller, Jim Chanos And Robert Bishop: Delivering Alpha Unfiltered (full video) [H/T ValueWalk] (LINK)

Planet MicroCap Podcast: Episode 28 - What is an ‘Intelligent Fanatic’ with Sean Iddings, Co-Author of “Intelligent Fanatics Project” (LINK)

Robert Cialdini on The Owner's Mind podcast (LINK)
Related book: Pre-Suasion
Freakonomics Radio: Why Are We Still Using Cash? (LINK)
Related book: The Curse of Cash
TED Talk - Sebastian Kraves: The era of personal DNA testing is here (LINK)

TED Talk - Sam Harris: Can we build AI without losing control over it? (LINK)

How Philosophy Drives Discovery: A scientist's view of Popper (LINK)
In this talk, the 8th Sir Karl Popper Memorial Lecture, Sir Paul Nurse will discuss how the philosophical works of Karl Popper have informed the practice of his own scientific research activities, indicating where it has helped and where it has required modifications. 
The Cato chronicles, part III: commander, and brother (LINK)
Related book: Rome's Last Citizen: The Life and Legacy of Cato, Mortal Enemy of Caesar
Book/Essay of the day: The Wisdom of Life - by Arthur Schopenhauer (If you buy this Kindle edition for $0.99, you can also add the audiobook when checking out, which was just released a couple of months ago, for $2.99.)