Sunday, March 20, 2016

A smart diet...

A smart diet reduces the amount of energy (meaning food) you feel like consuming at the same time that it increases the amount of energy you feel like spending. And this occurs spontaneously, without any thoughts of cutting calories, or exercising more, or anything else. It just happens.  
It improves the quality of your life by giving you more energy to expend on work, family, and play. It pleases the palette with beautiful food that is completely nutritious. It eliminates foods that interfere with your metabolism or set off your immune system. A smart diet relies on the millions of years of evolutionary design built into your appetite and metabolism to solve the problem of managing energy naturally, without a strict adherence to a plan. 
The New Evolution Diet is a smart diet. It is relaxed, because it does not restrict calories—you eat all you want from a wide selection of fresh and nutritious foods that are delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and satisfying. It is not a top-down menu that requires you to restrict your calories or to follow directions and rigidly adhere to a schedule of meals and snacks. There are no rules. Rules are self-defeating, because nobody wants to be told what to eat or do—”That's why I became an adult,” to borrow a line from Bob Newhart. A command-and-control diet creates stress. Stress encourages the release of cortisol, a hormone that promotes insulin resistance So stressing over diet and exercise is self-defeating—it actually makes you fatter.  
It is nearly impossible to overeat on the New Evolution Diet because it is so complete and filling—it supplies the brain with all the energy and nutrients it needs while promoting a sensation of fullness in the stomach. That brain-stomach connection is important. When your brain is well nourished, it forgets about food. When your brain is improperly nourished, it becomes anxious and selfish and can think only about your next meal. Then you become lazy, because your brain curtails physical activity in order to protect its own energy supply. That means your body stops burning fat.  
I want to emphasize this: A well-fed brain reduces your appetite and makes moving your body a pleasure. But when your brain is improperly nourished, it orders you to keep eating.  
Can you see how this dispels the hopelessly simple and damning explanation that is usually given for weight gain? You are not over-weight because you eat too much and move too little. You eat too much and expend too little energy because you are overweight. Said another way, you are not what you eat; you are what your metabolism does with what you eat.