Tuesday, January 19, 2016


James Montier: Market Macro Myths: Debts, Deficits, and Delusions [free registration may be required] (LINK)
In this white paper James Montier attempts to show why the proponents of sound finance are mistaken by defining and unpacking a series of “myths” that are foundational to, or at least helpful to, convincing us that sound finance requires that governments run a balanced budget.
Greenlight Capital's Q4 2015 letter to partners (LINK)

Brookfield CEO Bruce Flatt on Bloomberg (video) [H/T Santangel's Review] (LINK)

I've only watched one of the videos below so far, but here are some others that stood out as potentially interesting after a quick scan through more of the Conversations with History shows:

Conversations with History: Joseph Tussman (January 2000) (video) (LINK) [Related book which I have not read but looks interesting: Habits of Mind: The Experimental College Program at Berkeley]

Conversations with History: Paul Ekman (April 2004) (video) (LINK)

Conversations with History: John Kenneth Galbraith (video) (LINK)

Conversations with History: Sebastian Mallaby (video) (LINK)

Conversations with History: Amy Chua (April 2008) (video) (LINK)

Conversations with History: Daniel Kahneman (April 2007) (video) (LINK)