Friday, October 30, 2015

Follow-Up: Downloading Earnings Calls

A couple of years ago, I had brought up this topic HERE. Sometimes calls allow one to save as an MP3 file, and sometimes they don't. I am not too tech savvy, so I don't know why. Earnings Cast allows one to download a lot of them, which has been useful. The system I use for those that are available is to download them (you often have to change the name of the file from .m4a to .mp3), put them into Dropbox and then use the view offline feature in the Dropbox app to download them to my phone so that I can listen to them without using data.

But a lot of small-cap and international company replay calls that I'd like to download instead of listening to them on the computer or calling in I still can't figure out. So, if a company streams its replays, does anyone know how to save those audio streams as MP3 files? One example I can think of would be a company like Constellation Software:

If you have any insight, please send me an email: