Sunday, May 4, 2014

Howard Marks at the Milken Conference

Link to video: Leaders on Leadership: An Intimate Conversation
Institute Chairman Mike Milken joins three icons in their fields for a discussion about long-term thinking in industry, markets, government, education--and life. When Howard Marks issues one of his legendary client memos, the rest of the investment world pays attention. Janet Napolitano has served as an attorney general, a governor and a Cabinet secretary, and she now leads one of the world's great institutions of higher learning--the University of California system. And one only needs to have visited Las Vegas in the past several decades to get an idea of the influence of Steve Wynn's boundless vision and relentless focus on customers. This intimate discussion will explore the qualities that have propelled each of these leaders to their positions of prominence.


For more of the conference videos, go HERE.

UPDATE: ValueWalk posted the conference presentation slides HERE.