Tuesday, June 21, 2011

James Chanos to Present at the 7th Annual New York Value Investing Congress

James S. Chanos, President and Founder of Kynikos Associates - the largest investment firm devoted exclusively to short selling - has agreed to speak at the 7th Annual New York Value Investing Congress. Throughout his career, he has anticipated many corporate disasters; most famously, his ENRON short -- which Barron's called "the market call of the decade, if not the past fifty years."

Chanos came on the scene at just 24 years old, when he called the Baldwin-United bankruptcy. As Kathryn Staley wrote in The Art of Short Selling, “Chanos’s analysis of Baldwin-United illustrates his persistence with puzzles and his ability to persevere in the face of marked hostility, both from the company and from peers.” Lately, Chanos has been discussing his bearishness on China and, recently, admitted to possibly not being bearish enough on China.

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