Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bill Gates on Reinventing Capitalism at Techonomy

Bill Gates was the grand finale of the "Techonomy" conference, taking the stage in a packed room to discuss "Reinventing Capitalism: How to jumpstart what the marketplace can't."


Gates says K-12 education will not — can not — shift to the Internet. In fact, he says successful charter schools all have long days and some of the highest-performance ones are boarding schools. While long days are important for younger students, Gates says that place-based activity for *colleges* will become five times less important than it is today. The $200,000 college education is increasingly hard to get because there's less money and the capacity is not there, so the self-motivated learner will be on the web, getting feedback and discussion.

What Gates recommends reading?

Before launching into a list of books, he said "Latrines are very interesting" he's fascinated by the challenge of reinventing the latrine. He recommends "Water and Sanitation." He mentioned a number of books about science and energy including "Energy Transition" and "Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air." On the financial crisis he recommended "More Money than God," about hedge funds.

Gates spends two to three hours a day reading and says he's also willing to watch an hour and a half to two hours of videos every day. He recommended buying lectures like David Christian's "Big History" from He also pointed to as a source for free lectures. He pointed to for his "little book reports."


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