Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arithmetic, Population, & Energy and The Crash Course

In Jeremy Grantham's 2nd Quarter Letter, he mentioned the fact that "....population growth is on a direct collision course with increasingly scarce resources." And near the end of his letter he wrote:

Well, dear readers, happy thoughts and wishful thinking do not make it so; 30 precious years have passed, and there is now no safety margin. We must prepare ourselves for waves of higher resource prices and periods of shortages unlike anything we have faced outside of wartime conditions. In fact, I believe we are already several years into this painful transition but are still mostly invested in denying it. Everything within the investment business will be affected as well as everything outside of the business.

He also made three recommendations for reading and listening to learn more about the subject. I finally finished the two video recommendations (why I took so long, I do not know), and I think they are very important things for both investors and non-investors to watch. So here are the links to the videos and the book recommendation (which is also one of Charlie Munger's book recommendations):

Video: Arithmetic, Population, & Energy (Part 1 of 8) [there is a link to the next part below each video]


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